Everybody passed at the 2017 Compulsory National Finals

The Gymnastics UK Compulsory Grading system is designed so gymnasts develop excellent basics, with focus on technique and form, along with precision of performance. It is one of the most difficult competition routes to take, requring a great deal of hard work, dedication and a determination to be ‘perfect’.

A number of gymnasts from Park Wrekin Gym Club were entered into the Compulsory National Finals, Grade 1 and 2.We saw some fantastic results from the girls! All our gymnasts passed, Izzy placed 8th in-age, with Nicole 4th and Kitty 8th in the out-of-age competition.

Annabelle Shaw, Mia Evans & Gabriella Williams passed their Compulsory Grade 2, with Annabelle placing 10th AA in the Compulsory National Finals and Mia Evans producing the second best score of the competition for Range and Conditioning. Gabriella also had a brilliant AA Comp.

We are looking forward to the British Championship at the end of the year now. Congratulations to all our gymnasts and coaches who work hard every day in the gym.